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Our areas of expertise:

• Assessment of medical practices, patient experience and market needs (Eval-Need)
• Development and integration of innovations into care pathways (Ecosys-Build)
• Assessment of the created product value, services and health programmes (Value-Dem)


Bringing innovations to the market


Supporting implementation of the innovation


Assessing created value


Assessment of medical practices, patient experience and market needs.

The road to a successful product-market fit for innovation goes through a detailed understanding of the market (assessment of medical needs, epidemiology, disease management, healthcare professionals’ and patients’ habits, as well as expectations of health authorities and payors). We believe that quality data are essential to unite all stakeholders.

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Our expertise.
Thanks to our logistical facility for one-to-one data collection, we can precisely assess both patients’ and physicians’ needs, taking into account:
  • Quality of life
  • Medical practices
  • Patient-physician relationship
  • Care pathways
  • Health programmes
Your needs.
  • improve knowledge of a disease (medical need, epidemiology, quality of life) 
  • Understand the current disease management (medical practices, patient pathways)
  • Warrant an unmet medical need and quantify (e.g. Early Access Program dossiers, applications to the transparency committee)
  • Analyze environmental factors influencing innovation (leverages and barriers)
Our services
  • Recruiting and supporting leaders and partners, project plan
  • Helping patient advocacy groups take a stand, gain a stronger voice on healthcare and get through patient pathway challenges
  • Managing scientific boards, conducting qualitative individual and group interviews
  • Conducting quantitative surveys: self-administered or interview questionnaires, paper, phone or online surveys, Regulatory framework RIPH-3 (research involving human subjects) and research not involving human subjects (confidentiality, data management), short surveys (less than 6 months), independence of the survey results guaranteed, high participation rate, ability to deal with tight deadlines, Expertise in very rare diseases,
  • Publication of the survey results (scientific paper, posters, editorials, congress publications)
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Development and integration of innovations into care pathways.

An innovation is potentially disruptive and may shake paradigms.
An adapted ecosystem is required for its smooth implementation. This may sometimes involve improvement of care pathways such as providing healthcare professionals with relevant tools and guidelines, and empowering patients in their disease management.

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Our expertise.
Thanks to our expertise in project management of innovations in healthcare we identify and set up transformative projects which cover:
  • diagnostic wandering
  • good use of medicines and compliance
  • patient information and support
  • assistance in clinical and therapeutical decision-making
  • coordination of care pathways between healthcare actors involved in medical and sociomedical management
Your needs.
  • Understand care pathways (shortage areas)
  • Get all the stakeholders engaged in collaborative creation of tools for improvement of care pathways
  • Set up patient support and patient education programmes
  • Support project leaders in update of guidelines 
  • Spread awareness about your initiatives with aim of the recognition and the continued existence of the projects
Our services
  • Mapping care pathways and shortage areas (advisory boards, audits)
  • Collaborative creation of solutions to improve care pathways, expertise in development of patient information tools and remote medicine platforms, preparation of funding applications (Art 51) 
  • KOLs support in implementation of their local or national plans (e.g., rare diseases networks)
  • Support in updating the guidelines (medical writing, project management according to High Authorities methodology 
  • Development of specifications for medical education tools (spreading guidelines), support in project management of continuous medical education (e.g., local training programmes)
  • Strategical and operational recommendations regarding communication on identified or implemented solutions (leaflets, booklets, web sites, educational or promotional video clips, conferences, information days)
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Assessing created values of products, services and health programmes.

A successful innovation is an effective realisation of a proof-of-concept project. In healthcare industry the challenges arising from the assessment of the created real-life value are various. A proof-of concept project may be required by authorities assessing ATU applications (named patient programme), registration or re-assessment. This assessment may also be a critical point in developing solutions for improvement of care pathways in order to get their interest recognised, financial sustainability and stakeholders’ satisfaction.

Illustration de la méthode Value Dem
Our expertise.
We are experts in anticipation of expectations of the regulatory authorities and payors. With our partners and our broad knowledge of the evaluation criteria set by health authorities, we will help you demonstrate the value of your innovation:
  • ATU applications (Early Access or named patient programmes)
  • Registration applications (CT, CEPS, CEESP)
  • Re-assessment applications
  • Experimental phase of your projects aiming to improve care pathways
  • Recognition and sustainability of your projects
Your needs.
  • Collect patient experience and Quality of Life data for your re-assessment applications
  • Determine conditions for good use and reimbursement, and indicators for a roll-out
  • Set up a protocol for data collection on a contractual basis
  • Assess organisational, medical and economic impact of the innovation
  • Assess created value of your project of improvement of the care pathways for all the stakeholders and the regulatory authorities
Our services
  • Ad-hoc surveys for collection of qualitative data required for applications (e.g., overall satisfaction, subjective and objective experience & relationship with healthcare practitioners)
  • Design of the PROM and QOL questionnaireset de QOL
  • Development and roll-out of the protocols for assessment of the created value, e.g., PUT (Therapeutic Use Protocol) in ATU (named patient programme)
  • Medico-economic impact modelisation (CEEPS applications)
  • Development of KPI, PROMS and dashboards for a follow-up and assessment of your projects (e.g., Patient Education Programme, Patient Support Programme, remote medicine platforms)
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The work we’ve done


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2013PosterEnquête sur le vécu et les attente des patients atteints de PID dans 4 régions pilotes Eval-NeedRARE novembre 2013
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2021National Guidelines for the Diagnosis and ManagementProtocole National de Diagnostic et de Soins (PNDS) dans la Fibrose Pulmonaire Idiopathique (FPI) EcosysbuildEn cours
2021ArticleSecond Souffle - enquête sur le vécu des biothérapie des patients asthmatiques sévèresValue-DemEn cours
2021ArticleATHENEE - enquête sur la prise en charge des AOH et les besoins médicaux non-couverts en FranceEval-NeedEn cours

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