Professional practice survey in 1244 pulmonologists re Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF) for healthcare professionals and public authorities (HAS)


  • Understand current professional practice for the management of the IPF (from diagnosis to treatment)
  • Conduct care network inventory (existing, needs, expectations, potential developments and improvements)
  • Estimate IPF epidemiology in France (distribution of mild to moderate forms, number of patients meeting label treatment criteria for a first specific antifibrotic treatment)


3 months (from the beginning of the survey to the final report)


  • Phone and internet survey, 20200 phone calls and reminders, 474 emails sent
  • 9 interviewers


  • Exceptionally high participation rate (every other pulmonologist replied)
  • Identified failures in the care pathways which uncovered several unmet needs (ground for future projects)
  • Justification of existing medical need for a specific treatment

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