Tele PID – a feasibility study on a remote expertise platform which allows to get a second expert medical and radiology opinion in case of suspected IPF.


  • Assess the technical feasibility according to various methods (PACS, CD-Rom) and in various environments (independent private practice, private clinic, public hospital)
  • Assess the medical relevance of the service
  • Prepare for development of a sustainable organisational and economic model for the service, with the aim of its rollout and sustainability of the funding by the public authorities


3 months for configuration and installation of the system, 3 months for testing, 2 months for analysis of the results and preparation of the communications


  • Writing specifications (workflows, forms)
  • Selection of the technology service provider, development of the platform
  • Creation of the Steering committee and selection of its members
  • Software installation and training workshops
  • Follow-up assistance and handling of 16 requests over 3 months
  • Case by case analysis of the results, assessment of the satisfaction of every single participant, cocreation workshop with all participants


  • Validation of the technical feasibility and medical relevance
  • Customer experience feedback on the software
  • Communication of the results at CPLF 2019 (French Pulmonology Congress) and publication of the abstract in a renowned medical journal in 2019

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