Second Breath: a research survey (40 investigation centres) on the determining factors of the control and quality of life in severe asthma, and more precisely on the efficacy of the biotherapies in this pathology.


  • Assess the distribution of the severe asthma population in France per asthma phenotype
  • Understand determining factors of the control and quality of life in patients suffering from severe asthma
  • Precisely assess the contribution of the biotherapies in this pathology


2020-2021 (2 years)


  • Research protocol RIPH-3 approved by independent ethics committee
  • Self-administered patient questionnaire based on validated scales
  • Collection of clinical data from patients’ medical records filled in by physicians at the inclusion
  • 41 public and private investigation centre in France
  • Estimated enrolment: 400 patients (active recruitment, possible increase)


  • Conduct a comprehensive severe asthma inventory in France: population features, impact of the disease, therapeutic management, care pathway and expectations
  • Develop a multivariant model reflecting the relative weight of various determining factors on the disease control and quality of life of patients with severe asthma
  • Publish the results in a renowned journal

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