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Carely is a research and project management consulting company specialised in developing and integrating innovation into healthcare

At Carely, we strongly believe that the human nature is at the heart of innovation and that it is necessary to:

- Generate patient and healthcare professional experience data throughout the life cycle of therapeutic, technological or organisational innovations;

- Enhance collaborations for optimised development and integration of new solutions into healthcare take central role in our approach.

Why Carely?

Because we act with care, in every sense of the word. Care as a medical care, because we are healthcare experts. Care as the importance we assign to our projects. Care as the interest and attention to detail we demonstrate in our work ethic. Care as our approach, inclusive and considerate of others.

Human up!

By putting humans at the heart of our approach, as we do, we take into account their diversity. We innovate without disrupting. We ensure the effectiveness of care pathways from both healthcare professional and patient perspectives.

In line with our values, geared towards creating the power to implement innovations, we do:

• Understand behaviours and organisational nuances

• Create synergy between expertise and experience

• Encompass skills, practice and expectations

Schéma de la méthodologie Carely

Extensive knowledge of care pathways for patients with chronic and rare diseases
The “Regards croisés” survey conducted with patients and physicians helped raise awareness with all the stakeholders and assert the benefit of self-monitoring tools for active patient management. The knowledge of the patient advocacy world and the involvement of Carely are essential to the development and the recognition of our patient advocacy group by patients, healthcare professionals and regulatory bodiess.

Najya BreddedinePresident of the PAG for families affected by Fabry disease

A valuable help to therapeutic innovations
The impact of practices and patient experience surveys conducted by Carely are a starting point for implementation of several projects (guidelines, training, remote medicine…) with aim of improving knowledge, coordination of care pathways, relationships with regulatory bodies and patient advocacy groups. Carely’s operational clarity, availability and long-term commitment are greatly appreciated.

Prof. Vincent CottinCoordinator of the National Reference Centre for rare respiratory diseases.

A flawless holistic and pragmatic approach supporting new products
We worked together for long years with a specific focus on rare diseases and conducted several practices and quality of life surveys.
It was beyond our expectations: beyond healthcare professionals and patient, these data were very insightful for our applications to high authorities (transparency and economic committees).
As a pharmaceutical company, we brought an innovative solution for support and advice in implementation of the coordinated care pathways, professional guidelines, development of patient advocacy groups. The outcomes for all the stakeholders were beyond all expectations.

Dr Laurent de NarbonneGeneral Manager at Biocryst France

Additional help for registration and assessment of healthcare products
Thanks to Carely, we provided important additional information on medical needs, a malfunction of care pathways, impact of a disease on the quality of life within applications for registration or reassessment.
This requires a diplomatic approach, analytical mind for unexpressed challenges, complexity management skills and abilities to create best solutions and get them accepted.

Dr Côme de SauvebeufDirector at Biodimed Conseils

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