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Carely has been founded in 2013 as a result of the merge of Opened Mind Health and Health Ecosystem Partners in order to create a leader on the market of research and consultancy in integration and development of innovations in care pathways.

portrait de Benoit Bouquillon

Benoit Bouquillon

Partner – Co-Founder

Benoit is economist. He has used the knowledge garnered from 30 years in the research and consulting specialised in healthcare industry working with pharmaceutical companies and health care institutions.

Benoit has an expertise in helping innovative solutions at every stage of their lifecycle, before, during and after their launch in order to promote their integration and development.

One of Benoit’s specialisms developed over last 10 years is rare and chronic diseases, by designing surveys on the medical practice and patient experience, the real starting point for development of innovating projects.

Passionate about research methods in human sciences, Benoit combines practice with academia. He enjoys teaching for 14 years at the Master’s degree of Healthcare industry Management at the Lille University School of Management.

Portrait d'Edouard Verdier

Edouard Verdier

Partner – Co-Founder

Edouard qualified at the HEC in 2009 and has a Master’s degree from CentraleSupélec. He commenced his career at Sanofi within Market Access Department where he has been developing for 5 years international disease management programs.

Afterwards he co-founded Healthcare Ecosystem Partners, a consultancy firm specialised in the analysis of the care pathways with a focus on the identification of the failures and improvement levers for development, recognition and access to innovations.

Edouard’s demonstrated excellent logical thinking skills, data management acumen and knowledge of the healthcare ecosystems have driven his career towards the next step as a managing director looking after research and support projects developed at Carely.

Portrait de Magali GLADYSZ SEBILLE

Magali Gladysz-Sebille

Logistics manager

Magali has been conducting surveys to fund her university curriculum in philosophy.
Her talent and passion in this role were prized and Magali joined the Field team where she excels for 25 years.

Indeed, in absence of creativity, reactivity and high standards for a flawless performance, generated data are worthless. Garbage in, Garbage out!

Magali brilliantly manages survey and research protocols at Carely and our 40-operator call centre and ensures absolute compliance with regulations.

Portrait de Bruno Trumbic

Bruno Trumbic

Medical director

Bruno graduated as a dermatologist and has an Executive MBA degree from HEC. Bruno has a 30-year expertise in strategising, publishing, medical writing and medical education. He served as an editor-in-chief for the French language version of the EMB Journal from 1995 to 2007 (Evidence Based Medicine Journal).

At Carely, Bruno is head of the medical department covering article writing activities, coordination and lead of scientific and medical advisory boards, development of the clinical practice guidelines and national protocols for the diagnosis and treatment.

In addition, Bruno leads workshops of the critical reading of the medical literature.

Portrait de Marie-Christine Guerin

Marie-Christine Guerin

Qualitative research manager

Marie-Christine is a sociologist and has been awarded a post-graduate diploma in methodology in the social sciences. She has a multifaceted 20-year experience in qualitative research projects including development of online and offline tools.

Marie-Christine is versed in one-to-one and group interviews with patients or healthcare professionals and is particularly interested in patient-physician relationship in the aim of improving care pathways.

Marie-Christine sets up and leads workshops by creating synergy between different stakeholders of the innovative solutions

Portrait de Cedric Sauvage

Cedric Sauvage

Quantitative research manager

Cedric graduated from the Lille University School of Management as a statistician with special interest in statistical modelling.

Cedric gained an extensive experience while working at research and consulting institutes in partnership with several multinational companies in consumer markets and consequently developed a robust know-how in healthcare industry in collaboration with biostatisticians working with Carely.

For 15 years Cedric’s double expertise combines creative thinking, efficient questioning, rigorous and precise data collection and analysis and when needed uncommon methods.

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